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Learn Contact Form 7 for Divi

(1 customer review)


Take control of the contact form and style them like a boss! The world’s most popular contact form has just been made 100 times easier to use. Learn the ins and outs of planning, styling, designing, and building great looking contact forms that work really well.


Is this you?

  • You find yourself struggling with making contact forms look the way you envisioned it.
  • The frustration you get from those contact forms not doing what you want them to do might be the death of you.
  • Your blood froze when you realized the contact form wasn’t working, and your client lost a lot of leads. *
  • Frustrated that Divi’s contact form module doesn’t save submissions.

That is only the beginning, there are so many more cool things you can do with a well-made contact form.

*This was a real thing that happened to me using the Divi contact form module. Ever since then, I’ve switched to CF7 (or sometimes Gravity Forms) and doubled up on contact form styling and creations.

Target Level

  • You can change the text of … text
  • You can find a certain character string in text and bulk replace it.
  • You can copy paste… hopefully without using the mouse. (It’s CMD+C, CMD+V.. or.. ctrl+C, ctrl+V)
  • You’ve made a website or two before.

It’s better/easier to learn if you have a basic grasp of HTML and CSS, but I cover just enough for you to be able to make the edits required, so it’s fine without any prior knowledge.

Take control of the contact form.


01: CF7 & Divi Introduction

  • Installing CF7 and using it with Divi
  • Add-on Essentials (Full list)
  • The Basics of CF7 – The Mail Tab

02: HTML + CSS

  • The bits you need: HTML CSS fundamentals
  • HTML Structure and CSS 1
  • HTML Structure and CSS 2
  • Responsiveness
  • Other Styling Elements

03: Making some basic forms

  • Setting up the stylesheets
  • Understanding the stylesheets with the Divi Child Theme
  • Setting up basic forms
  • Conditional forms

04: Multi-Step Forms

  • Multi Step Forms

05: Signatures and PDFs

  • Canvas form
  • Canvas form sending emails
  • Canvas form sending the pdf

06: Other contact form related stuff

  • Using multiple recipients and spam protection

07: Appendix

  • Updates, tips, downloads, links

You will learn to…

  • Put together a great looking contact form that’s also responsive.
  • Save submissions in the database.
  • Edit CSS to style your own contact forms.
  • Make conditional sections that show/hide depending on selection
  • Add a canvas (drawing area) to the contact form so the user can add a signature or add drawings.
  • Add an auto-generated pdf form in the email.
  • And more!

What’s Included?

  • All the videos (about 4 hours) explaining every detail on how to code your own custom contact forms.
  • A child theme specially made to include all the contact form styling, and instructions on how to add it to an existing (child) theme.
  • Access to direct comments on the lessons where you can ask questions, submit requests, share results, and read other people’s solutions.
  • Access to updates and future contact form code snippets.

What about updates?

Of course there are going to be updates to Divi, WordPress, and Contact Form 7, and that could sometimes mean changes are possible. In that case, there will be a new video added to the course for you to check. Also, new videos can sometimes be added if there are a lot of people asking similar questions.

So, no worries, anything concerning updates will be added.

This includes Divi updates, WordPress updates, Contact Form 7 updates, and anything/everything else that happens to come along.

With contact forms being one of the most essential components of a website,
you could say this course is
Almost Inevitable

1 review for Learn Contact Form 7 for Divi

  1. djlee0721 (verified owner)

    After taking the divi responsive course by almost inevitable (pk) I was very happy with the progress I made on web development that I decided to follow up with contact form 7 course and I wasn’t disappointed. To all those that are contemplating on whether or not to spend some money on these courses. My answer to you is if you really want to learn how web development works then it is a no brainer. Sure you can use the frontend builder of divi or elementor or other builders to create websites but taking these courses made by pk at almost inevitable will take you to the next level. It will start you on a path where you can complement using those front end builders with actual coding. Obviously taking these two courses isn’t the end of everything since you will need to constantly read, learn, watch to get better and better. But it can definitely serve as a starting point, and after which, you can better understand higher level tutorials on youtube etc. My simple answer is take the courses and you will not be disappointed.

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