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Learn to customize the responsive behavior of Divi while learning to code CSS layouts! (NOTE: This is an addon course to the basic CSS course. Only users who are registered in that course are able to purchase this product)

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Learn to customize the responsive behavior of Divi while learning to code CSS layouts! (NOTE: This is an addon course to the basic CSS course. Only users who are registered in that course are able to purchase this product)

Sample Lesson


Is this you?

  • You find yourself duplicating a section to make a separate mobile layout (and now you can’t use # anchor links)
  • You get frustrated with wonky text sizes, image sizes, image backgrounds, spacing, margins, and.. yeah.. ugh.
  • You are at the mercy of Divi’s responsiveness, and sometimes it’s not what you want.
  • You want to use the default menu on desktop, but you like the slide in menu for mobile.

If you are frustrated with settling for convoluted methods of building responsive websites because you weren’t confident in CSS to do it, then this course is for you.

Target Level

  • You can look through CSS and change some stuff… was it font-color? ugh
  • You can type up a couple of lines of CSS, but it doesn’t always show on the frontend.
  • You have to add !important to everything, and they keep hijacking each other.
  • You keep adding suggestions from everyone, and now you have a mess of CSS.

What you need is a proper introduction to CSS (I promise I won’t overwhelm) and some guidance in how to write it. Once you get the main idea, it’s just practice from that point on.

You care about mobile, but you need the skillz


01 Introduction
  • It’s not just stacking
02 CSS
  • 01 The Basics (CSS Crash Course)
  • 02 Media Queries
03 Text
  • 01 Responsive Text Sizes
  • 02 Line Breaks
  • 03 Alignments
04 Flex
  • 01 Introduction
  • 02 When to Flex
  • 03 Changing Layouts
  • 04 Contact Forms
  • 05 Buttons
  • 06 Call to Actions
  • 07 Banners
  • 08 Blurbs
  • 09 Person
  • 10 Portfolio Grids
  • 11 Woocommerce
05 Building
  • 01 Introduction
  • 02 Building Responsively
  • 03 Header
  • 04 Footer
06 Conclusion
  • 01 Extra Tips on Mobile
  • 02 Conclusion, Downloads

You will learn to…

  • Use CSS properly for expert building (this applies to some parts on desktop too).
  • Arrange grids to be multiple columns on mobile for Woocommerce products and/or portfolio items.
  • Use the default menu on desktop and slide in menu on mobile.
  • Make your own headers and footers that look great on mobile.
  • Make a button for driving directions to the destination on mobile.
  • Make new layouts that use the mobile screen more efficiently.
  • Rearrange elements and control the stack like a boss.
  • Center elements easily on desktop and mobile.
  • And more!

What’s Included?

  • All the videos (over 8 hours) explaining every detail on how to code your own custom Divi responsive layouts.
  • A child theme specifically made to include responsive sections to ensure easy and responsive builds.
  • A child theme cheat sheet – A PDF file of the instructions on how to use the child theme easily.
  • Access to both direct comments on the lessons and a course-specific forum where you can ask questions, share results, and read other people’s solutions.

What about updates?

Of course there are going to be updates to Divi and WordPress, and that could sometimes mean changes to some files and some modules’ behaviors. In that case, there will be a new video added to the course for you to check. Also, new videos can sometimes be added if there are a lot of people asking similar questions.

So, no worries, anything concerning updates will be added.

This includes Divi updates, WordPress updates, and anything/everything else that happens to come along.

What child theme?

You’ll be getting a child theme that:

  • is unlimited in its usage, so no worries about licensing. If you took the course, it’s yours.
  • is updated whenever there’s a major update to its dependencies (WP, Divi)
  • has two stylesheet files properly enqueued for Divi, one for extra responsive behavior, and one for your own edits.
  • allows the Divi builder on all post types
  • includes extra snippets you might find useful – svg support, no more Open Sans default, extra Divi library shortcodes

With mobile browsing accounting for more than half of the world’s internet usage (source), you could say this course is

Almost Inevitable

Start making Divi more responsive

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    – Child Theme checked with Divi 3.18.6. Also checked with WordPress 5.0. Divi has some smaller columns, which is addressed in an update video. Also, course access expiry changed to 1 year.
    – Child Theme checked with Divi 3.13.1. Additional update notes added to the lesson page. Divi has improved in some instances, which is great.
    – Forum closed. People seem to be more comfortable sending emails (commenting on the lessons are still fine) so no more forum.
    – Child Theme checked with Divi 3.11
    – Child Theme v1.0.2: Child theme files edited and updated for Divi 3.3.1

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