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Interview with Louis about Breakdance

This is a super special treat! I had the chance to interview Louis, the CEO of Breakdance, and ask him about all kinds of things concerning the Breakdance builder.  Get Breakdance So that’s all great, and you want to get a copy for yourself? Please consider using my affiliate link, which costs no extra to […]

Making a client-safe WP website

We all know many clients ruin websites (by mistake) due to content changes. When that happens we’re all very sad. Not only are they losing the look and feel they paid for, they’re also most likely ending up with worse UI/UX and design. I’m going to walk you through some simple tips on how to […]

ACF frontend form to a CPT

Here’s how you can make a frontend submission form to save content into a custom post type and then display it on your website.

Let’s make a Woocommerce shop with Breakdance

Here’s a free course on how to make a Woocommerce shop with Breakdance. If you need to get Breakdance, please use this (affiliate) link to help fund this venture. Why Breakdance? So yeah, I’ve been playing with it for a while, and it’s really good. The Playlist The video below is a playlist, you can […]

Make your own custom plugin

I’ve seen people regularly ask how they set up a quick development environment that has all the settings ready for them to dive in. Basically, installing the theme and plugins that they always work with can be time-consuming and just plain old boring at times. Also, it’s easy to forget things. Some Options Here are […]

Breakdance Alpha 1 – Quick review

If you’re checking out this review, I’m sure you’ve heard of Oxygen Builder by Soflyy. Also, if you’re checking out this review, I’m sure you’ve heard that Soflyy has released an alpha version of their new page builder, named Breakdance. And lemme tell you.. people are reaching for their pitchforks. Background So before we get […]

Useful ACF basics with your page builder

This tutorial is going to show how to build pages/templates that will not break. With your page builder of choice, with the free version of ACF, without code.

How to add (almost) any codepen to your WordPress website

How do I take a codepen and use it on my site? This tutorial is for beginners so they will know what to do when adapting the pen.

The quickest and best way to migrate your WordPress site

No, seriously, after almost two decades of making and migrating WordPress websites, and trying every method published in tutorials or offered by hosting companies, this is my go-to method that is most foolproof, has the least number of problems, and has never failed. Yet. So here’s the quickest and best (in my opinion) method of […]

5 Ecommerce Tips for the Holidays

Note: I had recently written a slightly different article under a similar premise for the company I work at, and I thought I could write another one, this time, a little more catered towards designers, developers, and/or e-commerce shop owners. Holiday season is closing in. Ecommerce is becoming increasingly more important. Yada yada. Right. Hook […]

Stop using Godaddy. Here’s why.

GoDaddy and their shady “marketing” tactics I had been holding on to a domain that I thought would be useful in the future. It’s a mid-length story, but to keep it short, it was a domain that my wife and I had the intention of using for a creative agency with her as the main […]

WP – Add a year + copyright shortcode

Here’s quick tutorial on how to add an automatically updating “year + copyright” text in your footer.. or anywhere on your site.